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 Cycling Coach Rob ManningRob Manning, D.C. – Chiropractic Physician and Cycling Coach

I'm a racer, recreational rider, home bike mechanic, cycling coach, the owner of Tailwind Coaching, The Daily Grind Cycling Journal and host of the Tailwind Coaching Podcast. Above all, I'm hopelessly addicted to all things cycling.

After 10 years of passionately taking in everything I could about the cycling world, I figured it was time to start helping others along the same path.  After graduating from Ithaca College with a degree in Exercise and Sport Science and Pharmacology, I continued my education with a doctorate of Chiropractic from New York Chiropractic College.  As I progressed through my education, I was able to apply the concepts I learned in the lab to my own daily workouts and goals.

At the time, I was following some of the principles of  traditional coaching and getting mediocre results. Frustrated, I realized that if I could apply all my physiology, chemistry, nutrition and training knowledge, I could “build a better mousetrap” not just for my own training, but for other athletes.  With this goal in mind, I started Tailwind Coaching, to help cyclists with busy lives and limited training time become stronger, faster, fitter and healthier.  And while I may not be an ex-ProTour rider, an Olympic Coach or even a prolific race winner, I am something that most coaches are not: a regular guy just like you who has a job, a family and a desire to be a stronger cyclist.

My coaching principles are driven by a complex understanding of human physiology. Like any coach worth his salt, I've studied the standard research on training with power and heart rate. But what sets me apart is the time I've spent in a lab witnessing first hand how to apply a training stress to achieve a specific result and all the chemical, biological and physiological changes various types of exercise triggers in the body. My training plans aren't the result of a single formula applied to everyone. Because every athlete's physiology is unique, so is every individual training plan.

When designing each plan, my goal is simple: to maximize your cycling potential in the shortest possible amount of time. Compared to traditional training plans that may require more than 15 hours per week of training, the vast majority of my downloadable plans are less than 10 hours per week of on the bike work.  I've also developed a series of High Intensity Trainer workouts that teach fundamental skills you can use to crush your cycling goals out in the real world, giving you the edge your training has been lacking.

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