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Battenkill training has become something of a specialization in the past few years.  People have traveled from multiple states and even countries to compete in what has been dubbed “America's Queen of the Classics.”  With a rich heritage including a stint as a UCI and USAC sanctioned race, Battenkill has developed a reputation for grinding up and spitting out competitors.

After racing Battenkill a number of times and putting my Battenkill training and fitness programming to the test, I've built a training solution to take you to the podium this year (as I've done with plenty of racers in the past.)  Without any further introduction, welcome to the Tailwind Coaching Battenkill Training Store!

Here you'll find everything you need to conquer dirt roads, defeat climbs and excel in America's toughest race as well as a few links to various Battenkill resources.

Coming into the first feed zoneTour of the Battenkill has positioned itself as America's Queen of the Classics!  With an open gran fondo and an open pro/am race, Battenkill is one of the premiere gravel grinder challenges in the US today.

Chalking up 64 miles, 8 dirt sections (making up 15 miles) and 4000+ feet of vertical gain with 17% maximum gradients, Battenkill is not a race (or gran fondo) for the faint of heart.  Though it may sound like a tall order, my training solution has been proven again and again to prepare you for the worst conditions and toughest challenges.  After multiple iterations of my Battenkill training plan, I'm delivering the best of the best for you here.  You'll be the king of the peloton with this 24-week complete training solution.  You'll start with testing and base work, move through build and climbing training and finish up on a high peak as you roll into Battenkill a stone cold killer, ready to climb to the top step.

If other gravel grinder races are more of your bread and butter, fear not.  This program is suitable for any kind of dirt road, gravel grinder or epic enduro event.  Got the Dirty Kanza on your list?  Check.  Monkey Knife Fight?  Check.  Any gravel dream you may have?  Check.

As a bonus, I've written my Unbreakable Core Stability program right into the Battenkill training plan.  You'll get that written into the program (a 50$ value) because core strength and stability is THAT important when riding off road.

Here's what you'll get:

  • 24 weeks of training, broken down into 4 strength/base weeks, 8 cycling base weeks, 8 build weeks and 4 peak weeks
  • Up to 10.5 hours per week of training
  • Build muscular endurance, leg speed skills and raise your functional threshold power
  • Utilize my revised 20-minute strength training workout to give you increased muscular endurance and explosive power on the bike
  • Put down huge power on the dirt by keeping your core strong and durable with my included Unbreakable Core Stability program.
  • Become proficient in the zone 4 and 5 work necessary to handle changes of pace in the field
  • Become confident riding on dirt roads by performing skills and workouts on unpaved terrain
  • Test your mettle with a dress rehearsal: a 4 hour "mock race" before tapering into your racing peak

*Note that my Unbreakable Core Stability module uses a kettlebell and mobility bands as recommended on my Strength, Mobility and Training Essentials page.

One of the most neglected parts of any cyclist's training is core strength and stability.  The core is the root of all your power and the body part that ties your legs together, ties your legs to your arms and supports your body as you ride.  Poor core stability can cause back issue, fatigue issues and performance loss.  Don't be that cyclist!  By training the core, you can reduce back and neck pain, improve endurance and realize huge performance gains all with less than a couple hours per week of training.

If you're looking for the perfect compliment to my raw strength plan, want to fix your back pain, want to improve your endurance or just take the next step in your fitness, you've found the right plan.

  • Video descriptions of each exercise that you can download and take with you wherever you train
  • 2 sessions per week of intense core training
  • Less than 2 hours of TOTAL training per week
  • Strengthen your body in all planes so you can apply force to the pedals more efficiently
  • Reduce back pain by stabilizing your spine
  • Adaptable to ANY training plan through a unique planning formula
  • Access to my Strength and Mobility Video Library page (must be logged in to access)

**I HIGHLY recommend these strength essentials to get the most out of your Unbreakable Core Stability module.  I've personally found that these products are some of the highest quality equipment available, so that's why I'm recommending them to you.  If you have your own equipment, that's awesome!  Use it!  At minimum you'll need a kettlebell and some resistance/mobility bands.

**For Kettlebells, men should start with something they can swing with some ease and clean with some difficulty.  35 pounds is about right for a moderately active male.  Females should start with 25 pounds and go up from there.


America's Queen of the Classics returns for it's 10th year!  Featuring a new start/finish at the Washington County Fairgrounds and a new course clocking in at 68 miles in length, featuring 8 dirt road sections totaling 15 mile of unpaved punishment and throwing 4029 vertical feet of climbing with a maximum gradient of 17% at you, the 2015 edition of Battenkill is sure to be a monster.

Be prepared to lead the pack with this 20 week training plan.  Used to increase threshold power a massive 21% (on average) and power racers to several top 10 finishes and podiums in last year's race, this year I've revised the plan to further suit the changes in this year's race course, especially the dirt road uphill kick to the line!

I've also added a bonus strength training workout to help you get on top of the muscular fitness necessary to succeed in a race of this magnitude (requires a kettlebell, purchased separately, or access to a gym.)

Training plan support is designed to be used with any of my downloadable training plans.  It is not a substitute for individual coaching, and is only designed to help you implement your downloadable training plans to the best of your ability.  It is also designed to answer any in-depth questions athletes may have and to allow for minor modifications to downloaded training plans based upon athlete necessity.

  • Support for all my downloadable training plans (purchase requires purchase of downloadable training plan(s))
  • Multiple purchase options available to match the duration of your downloaded training plan (For example, if using my 12-week base module, I recommend a 3 month Training Plan Support commitment.)
  • Allows for 1 email/week to discuss training questions pertaining to your downloadable plan, modifying downloaded plans to fit your schedule, breaking up workouts, fitting training/downloaded plans into your season schedule, etc.
  • Does not cover strength coaching, nutrition coaching or general fitness coaching.  For that I recommend dedicated one-on-one coaching.

Billed monthly until cancelled

The core is one of the most under-appreciated powerhouses in cycling.  While everyone else is focusing on their quads, you could be squeezing more power out of your body by solidifying the muscular system that keeps your body stable on the bike.

Increase your power and improve your fatigue resistance with this series of core stability building exercises, demonstrated in narrated video form to walk you through the exercises.

Training with power is only as good as the data you get out of it.  Without a handle on the amount of power you can produce right now, you can't possibly build a plan to improve upon it.

This training tool will ensure that you're familiar with your Zone 4/Functional Threshold Power, Zone 5/VO2 Max power and Zone 6/7 Anaerobic  power through a series of on-bike tests. Once completed, you'll have a set of benchmarks to work from and reference each time you retest.  You'll also get a power profiling evaluation and Sweetspot Training Zone calculation included.

In addition to the testing protocol, I've included a set of tools to help you further combat your weaknesses.  You'll get a power profiling evaluation and Sweetspot Training Zone calculation included in the data set once you plug everything in.

It's the perfect compliment to my modular training plans and the best way to start any training program!

*This file is an interactive Microsoft Excel file, so please have some spreadsheet application available to open it.


Interactive RideWithGPS map of the 2016 race course

Tour of the Battenkill 2016 Pro/Am Race Registration and Open Race/Gran Fondo Registration at