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High Intensity Trainer (HIT) Workouts

The goal of using these High Intensity Trainer (HIT) workouts is to teach cyclists the skills that translate to outdoor/on road situations.  These workouts are a series of short duration, high intensity workouts designed specifically for use on indoor trainers and are designed to build and hone fundamental cycling skills, build fitness and be adaptable to today's extremely busy schedules.

Workouts are based on Lactate Threshold Heart Rate or Functional Threshold Power (LTHR or FTP) which you can read more about in this post.

Individual Workouts

Individual workouts allow you the freedom to pick and choose workouts based upon your interests and/or weaknesses.

HIT Finish Faster Workout

hitfinishfasterhistogramIf you've ever found yourself on the last lap of a race or in the final stretch of a fast group ride and you just didn't have the power to out-kick your rivals, this HIT workout is for you.  Each part of this 45 minute workout is designed to help you finish faster, from the last lap to the last meters of a sprint.  Designed to train high intensity physiology and recoverability, you'll be making repeated attacks, building high intensity steady state endurance, recovering enough to attack again and learning how to finish off a break with a hard sprint for the line.

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HIT Berg Buster Climbing Workout

Workout details: Paying homage to the medium length (1 mile in length or less) steep bergs of Belgium, this HIT workout is designed to train your body for the stresses of attacking moderate climbs.  Grouped into blocks, the first block will focus on pushing hard gears through your most powerful muscles (glutes and hamstrings) and accelerating in the saddle using your quads, simulating surges in the peloton.  The second block will force you to get comfortable accelerating out of the saddle to simulate covering attacks from the front.  The third block puts it all together, teaching you how to be a berg busting ace!

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Core Power Ver. 1

Workout details: Off the bike workouts are a staple of the off season, and none are more important than core stability.  Huge gains in power, back pain relief and endurance can be realized by building core stability, especially in the transverse and lateral planes.  With this workout, you'll receive a video demonstration and description of the workout along with a sheet detailing the sets and reps suggested.

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HIT Sage of Spin

Workout details: Everyone dreams of having the smooth and supple pedal stroke seen on ProTour riders.  Honing those neuromuscular skills will not only make you more relaxed and fluid on the bike, but will make you more efficient and more powerful.  This 40 minute workout will force you to build technique and smooth your pedal stroke, making you a more versatile, stronger rider.

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HIT Climbing Power Rollover 

Workout details: Are you sick and tired of getting blown off the back of each climb on your weekly group ride? Do you want people to ask you “dude, what have you been doing over the past couple weeks?” when you SMOKE them up every climb? Want to surprise those weight weenie climbers as you rip by them on the descent while they bask in their “glory?” This workout is for you. Designed to train you to divide climbs into segments, manage your energy expenditure and train you to use differing cadences and muscular tensions in order to climb powerfully and descend like a demon.

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HIT Belly Buster

Workout details: Along with putting out more power, dropping weight is one of the quickest keys to gaining speed. If you've got a few extra pounds around the midsection, then this workout is for you. Designed to increase body fat utilization as an energy source and boost your metabolism, when used regularly this workout will help you shed pounds and become leaner in weeks.

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HIT Muscular Extradurance 

Workout details: Having trouble with endurance during your rides? Do you wish you could climb longer and feel fresher at the end of your long rides? Does your form break down after 40 miles? Chances are your muscular endurance isn't up to snuff. This workout will help you overbuild your muscular endurance so you can power up the biggest, steepest climbs and still remain strong enough for the town line sprint at the end of the day.

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HIT Cadence Control

Workout details:  Do you find that your rides have “one speed?” Are you constantly having trouble with accelerations and decelerations on your group rides? Are you one of those riders who is just amazed when someone “drops the hammer and just ratchets up the pace” and leaves you standing still? You need to learn how to control a wide range of cadences and this workout is for you. It teaches you the fundamentals of how to use pedaling speed to increase and decrease your power and rolling speed.

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HIT Group Ride Master

Workout details: Are you struggling to hang with the Saturday group ride? Do you always feel winded and tired when it comes time to hit the front and pull? Does the group leave you behind once you pull off? This workout will help fix those problems. Group Ride Master is designed to force your body to recover under duress and teach you how to hit zone 5 power/heart rate and repeat it time and time again. You'll also work on perfecting your pedal stroke and deal with the hurt that a group ride puts on you.

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HIT Endurance Tabatas

Workout details: The one thing that most cyclists lack is VO2 max repeatability. They lack the ability to drop the hammer and then pull it back and maintain a hard threshold effort. If you fit that bill, then you'll love this workout. Endurance Tabatas will force you into that VO2 max range and then condition your body to recover at threshold. You'll be amazed when you take this skill outdoors and start shattering your group rides with it.

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HIT Skill Packs

HIT Skill packs are an economical way to build fundamental skills and focus on specific dimensions of cycling fitness.  Whether your issue is climbing, group riding or carrying around a few extra pounds, you'll find a package that will suit your needs.

Hill Climber HIT Skill Pack 

Details: Climbing is perhaps the single most confounding challenge for average cyclists.  While some cyclists are naturally gifted climbers, this workout pack will help even the most “gravitationally challenged” riders attack hills with confidence.

Included are the following HIT workouts: Climbing Power Rollover, Muscular Extradurance, Endurance Tabatas

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Speed Development HIT Skill Pack

Details: Developing leg speed and cadence control skills is necessary to ensure increased power production and efficiency.  Leg speed and control is the basis of increasing your speed and power.  This workout pack will challenge your leg speed and neuromuscular ability, give you a smooth and supple pedal stroke.

Included are the following HIT workouts: Cadence Control, Sage of Spin, Belly Buster

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