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Why Choose an Online Cycling Coach?

I'm Coach Rob Manning, a USA Cycling Certified online cycling coach.  I offer online cycling coach services for all levels of cyclists.  With a background in exercise physiology, pharmacology, chiropractic medicine and exercise prescription, I'm fully equipped to address many of the issues facing all levels of cyclists.  It is important to remember that coaching is not just something that is available or recommended for elite athletes because beginners and intermediate riders are well positioned to take advantage of an online cycling coach and can see huge gains in relatively short periods of time.

An Online cycling coach helps you set SMART Cycling GoalsBenefits of an Online Cycling Coach

What can an online cycling coach do for you? The simple answer is that a coach helps you become a better rider.  There's plenty of ways to get faster, stronger and more confident while riding your bike, but the “just go out and ride” mentality has many limitations.  Structured training is the key to improving without burning out, and this is where an online cycling coach comes into play.

A coach will help you to set goals, prioritize events and build a training plan that specifically targets those goals and events. The online cycling coach will provide objective feedback, discuss your progress and adjust the training plan to accommodate your progression.An online cycling coach has the benefit of being able to reach you wherever you are and help guide you on your goals without being tied to a single local coach. Finally, every athlete should recognize the value of having an advisor who can steer them in the right direction, keep them focused on their goals and hold them accountable for their training plans.  This is why your coach is a valuable tool in your training arsenal.

Modular TrainingCoaching ConsultationsBasic Monthly CoachingExecutive Power Coaching

Modular Training Plan Support

The most stripped down form of one-on-one coaching available, this option removes the custom training plan design from the equation and relies on my pre-written modular plans.  You save money but still get all the online cycling coach access you need to succeed.

  • Support for all of my downloadable training plans (purchase of Training Plan Support requires purchase of downloadable training plan(s))
  • Train with Heart Rate Monitor data and/or Power data
  • Communication: 1 email/week to discuss questions, modifying downloaded plans to fit your schedule, etc.
  • NO minimum commitment
  • $30/month billed on a recurring subscription basis through PayPal
  • Billed monthly until cancelled

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Coaching Consultation

Coaching consultations are the perfect solution for someone looking to identify their weaknesses and get some direction in their training.  My consults are based on data collected from extensive power field testing and processed through INSCYD‘s patented algorithms.  You'll receive:

  • Instructions on how to perform power based field testing
  • An assessment of your strengths and weaknesses both through objective power testing and subjective assessment
  • A complete report from INSCYD detailing your metabolic profile
  • Goal setting assistance as it relates to your strengths, weaknesses and planned events
  • Coaching recommendations based on your subjective and objective data
  • Contact Coach Rob for more information!

Monthly Basic Coaching

Monthly Basic Coaching is designed for coaching at a distance, this plan builds on the Training Plan Support option.  It offers increased contact between athlete and online cycling coach as well as including customized training plan design.  You have choices with how your testing is evaluated too!  You can perform basic field testing that will give you power and heart rate numbers to work off.  You can also take a deep dive into your physiology and get a metabolic profile with my coaching partner, INSCYD (additional purchase required.)  Each week you'll receive a customized interval prescription targeting your weaknesses, allowing you to self-pace your training for the week.

  • Train with Heart Rate Monitor data and/or Power data
  • Initial consult including skills assessment, athlete strengths, and athlete weaknesses assessment (email based)
  • Goal setting assistance
  • Basic field testing direction and review (or add optional INSCYD Metabolic Power Profiling)
  • Monthly assessment of training/event performances
  • Monthly edits to target events and goals
  • Communication: 2-3 emails/wk
  • Custom tailored training prescription delivered weekly
  • 3 month (minimum) commitment
  • $100/Month + optional $150 INSCYD Metabolic Power Profiling

Executive Power Coaching

Designed for the most meticulous athletes, this package is designed to give you maximum access to your coach.  You'll also be privy to the most up to date scientific testing protocols available.  You'll start out with INSCYD Metabolic Profiling and follow up with a subjective assessment of your strengths and weaknesses.  Each week you'll receive a training prescription for your weekly interval work, allowing you to pace your own training.

  • Train with Heart Rate Monitor and Power data (power meter required)
  • Initial consult including skills assessment, strengths, weaknesses
  • Goal setting assistance
  • Field testing direction and review through INSCYD's metabolic profiling
  • Bi-Weekly assessment of training/event performances
  • Bi-Weekly edits to target events and goals
  • Communication: Continuous email support
  • Custom tailored training prescription delivered weekly
  • 3 month (minimum) commitment
  • $150/Month + $150 Setup and INSCYD Metabolic Power Profiling

Online Coaching Tools and Requirements

Being able to quantify your training is one of the cornerstones of any coaching program.  It's important for you to be able to ensure you are training within the zones prescribed.  This means that you will be required to have at least a cycle computer with speed and cadence as well as a heart rate monitor to obtain good results.

  • Heart Rate Monitor: A heart rate monitor gives an idea of the athlete's training zones and allows for specific training.  I'm fond of using an ANT+ or Bluetooth HRM that can sync with multiple devices.  This one can be used with free iPhone or Android apps to create a powerful training tool.  It can also be used for working with Heart Rate Variability to determine overtraining status.
  • Speed/Cadence cycling computer: A cycling computer with speed and cadence helps to show improvement and specify training cadence zones.  This Cateye Strada is a good solution for those who don't want to break the bank on a computer and don't want to hook up their iPhone or Android device.

Recommended for better results:

  • A Garmin unit (or similar device) is extremely useful and will help you quantify your training with more accuracy.  You'll have most of the metrics you need to train effectively right at your fingertips.  I personally prefer the Garmin Edge 520, but any Garmin device that can record speed, cadence, power numbers and heart rate will work just fine.
  • Power meters are currently the best training tool available for cycling.  They are the gold standard for quantifying work performed as well as being point specific about training zones.  I recommend Stages Power meters for a combination of excellent price, good quality and ease of installation, and they are great supporters of Tailwind Coaching.  Their power meters are also Bluetooth compatible, so those of you who use your iPhone or Android as a training computer can hook it right up with no adapters.
  • A trainer is a useful tool for athletes who train during inclement weather or during winter months, but is not required.  My personal favorite is the Kurt Kinetic Road Machine because of the linear resistance curve, (more) realistic road feel and coast down, and the indestructibility.  If you're looking for a more exotic trainer, I'm a big fan of the Elite Drivo for its durability and excellent road feel.
For Executive Power Coaching athletes, you MUST have a power meter.  Power is one of the most repeatable and consistent power metrics available, so if you're serious about your training, you should be serious about your data.  If you don't have a power meter, check out my partners at Stages Cycling and Power Meter City.


If traditional coaching is not something you're ready to commit to, consider utilizing one of my pre-built training plans in order to give your fitness a boost. If you have any questions or are looking for more intensive coaching or a customized plan, contact Coach Rob with any questions and concerns.