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Spring means a lot of things.  It means the end of a long, cold winter.  It heralds the end of the trainer season and the arrival of outdoor riding.  Roads are clearing, salt is washing away and buds begin to appear on the trees.  Spring also means that classics season is on the professional peloton's menu.  The world is coming alive and with it, the cycling community begins to emerge from winter hibernation.

Hopefully, you've been building some solid base fitness indoors with Zwift and you're ready to take your training outdoors.  To help you do that, and to pay homage to the spring classics, I'm offering you a chance to pick up any of my downloadable training plans at a discount.

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Tips To Crush Battenkill (And Other Gravel Grinders)

So you want to enter a gravel grinder event like Tour of the Battenkill, but you're worried that you don't have the skills necessary to compete?  Maybe you want to turn down that dirt road that you've passed a hundred times on your rides but you're nervous about staying upright on the gravel?  Or perhaps your goal is to tackle some tough, unpaved backroad climbs like those in the Vermont Green Mountains to prove how tough you are?

You're not alone.  Gravel grinder events have witnessed a meteoric rise in popularity in the past few years.  They have even spawned a completely distinct line of bikes and equipment.  The best equipment in the world won't help you if you don't know how to train for a gravel grinder, though.  I'll show you what you need to succeed.

Gravel Grinder Success Is In The Preparation

Many people think that success in a gravel grinder race or event like Battenkill comes on race day.  In fact, you can lose an event or miss a target goal by not prepping yourself for success along the way.  Whether you're nervous about riding on dirt roads or how to handle your nutritional requirements, I've got a few tips to help set your mind at ease and prepare you for the worst dirt roads you can imagine.

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Gravel Grinding (Podcast #26)

Solitary rideInterbike this season has confirmed what I have long advocated: that riding on dirt and gravel is not insane, and can actually be fun!  Events like the Dirty Kanza and D2R2 have been exponentially growing in popularity for several years now, and bike manufacturers are starting to build dedicated gravel bikes by the truckload.  From the BMC GranFondo GF01 disc to the Giant Revolt, companies are jumping into the newest market segment with both feet.

But do you really need to go out and buy a gravel specific machine just to have fun on your local “road less traveled” or can you have plenty of fun with what you've got in your garage right now?  In today's podcast, I'll discuss the differences between road, cyclocross and gravel bikes, what pros and cons each offers, the “ultimate solution to riding on dirt” and some of the tips, tricks and skills necessary to make your gravel grinds safe and fun.

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Classic Climbing – Free “Berg Buster” HIT Workout

Cancellara at Flanders[dc]T[/dc]he spring classics are in full swing, with fans and riders deep in the throes of Holy Week.  With Scheldeprijs being only a day away and Roubaix looming on Sunday, the cobbled classics are nearing a close, although no doubt we are in for some more spectacular performances.  Up next will be the Ardennes Classics, with their steep bergs and tortuous descents.  For many cyclists, it's the absolute best part of the season, if not for riding but for watching.

Watching these races inspires many but saddens some at the same time: "Why can't I climb like that" and "I don't know how he does that" are common phrases uttered while riders shatter the steep bergs and cobbled pitches of the classics.  It takes a special kind of rider to be able to climb that stuff, right?

Nope.  What if I told you everyone can train to be better on the moderate length, steep climbs.  And for the duration of the classics, I'm GIVING AWAY a HIT workout that will help you do just that.

Simply copy the enter the code "classicsgift" between now and April 21st (Liege Bastogne Liege) during checkout to get your FREE "Berg Buster" HIT workout (available below).

Workout details: Paying homage to the medium length (1 mile in length or less) steep bergs of Belgium, this HIT workout is designed to train your body for the stresses of attacking moderate climbs.  Grouped into blocks, the first block will focus on pushing hard gears through your most powerful muscles (glutes and hamstrings) and accelerating in the saddle using your quads, simulating surges in the peloton.  The second block will force you to get comfortable accelerating out of the saddle to simulate covering attacks from the front.  The third block puts it all together, teaching you how to be a berg busting ace!

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Welcome To Holy Week

Screen Shot 2013-03-31 at 7.10.31 AM[dc]T[/dc]here's no better introduction to "Holy Week" than the celebration of Easter.  However, the real thrill of the day (besides 55 degrees and no cars on the roads) is the 97th running of de Ronde Van Vlaanderen or the Tour of Flanders.  As always, the storylines are written and the battle lines are drawn up:

Peter Sagan's amazing early season with his win at Ghent Wevelgem, Fabian Cancellara's realization of his Flanders/Roubaix double winning form of 2010, Tom Boonen's run of bad luck throughout the spring, Philippo Pozzato's eternal struggle for that big win, Thor Hushovd's newfound confidence….

It's the perfect soap opera to be played out on 256 kilometers of the roads of Belgium on a chilly Easter Sunday.  

Welcome to Holy Week. 


7:05AM, 3/31/13

Boonen crashed out of Flanders

I had written this post a few day ago and instead of editing it down, I'm going to just add this as a footnote:  Tom Boonen, in the hunt for his record breaking 4th win at Flanders, has crashed out of the race after 19k.  There will be no battle between Sagan, Boonen and Cancellara.  There will be no Belgian tricolore on display today (or likely for Roubaix either.)  This could be as game changing as Cancellara's feedzone crash in Flanders last season.  

Get better soon, Tom.