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The Ultimate Guide To Off Season Bike Training

If you're a cyclist looking to improve your performance, winter is the perfect time to adjust your bike training routine for the coming season.  You can get your plan for next season down and start attacking your goals and objectives early.  And by starting early, you can ensure you don't panic as you get closer to your season targets.

The thing to remember is that your offseason isn't a mashup of cross training, strength training and riding.  All of your training should be carefully evaluated and scheduled to maximize the effectiveness of each workout.  In order to do that, you need to get your off-season preparation started NOW.

Click through the break and I'll show you how to get started on building your most effective off-season bike training program ever!


The (Not So) Off Season (Podcast #27)

Hanging it up for the off seasonFor years, magazines and forum denizens have discussed and advocated the concept of the “off season” for competitive cyclists.  While the idea of sitting around and drinking beer on the sofa is appealing, it really doesn't do much for your hopes and dreams of competing next season, finishing that century or stomping on your friends during the Saturday shop ride.  In fact, it may do just the opposite.  You may find yourself digging into a hole you can't train out of next year.

Why is this the case?

The biggest culprit is the fact that amateur cyclists have always seemed to have taken their training cues from the professionals that they idolize.  Unfortunately, the difference between pro and amateur is not at all inconsequential.  Pros train 40 hours per week and race 90 days per year.  Amateurs train 10 hours per week and race 12 days per year.  Could there be a maybe be a slight difference between amateurs and pros?

Everyone should be nodding their head right now.  Everyone.

Knowing that, should you, an amateur, be following a pro's training plans and take an off season like they do?

Now everyone should be shaking their heads.  In today's podcast, I discuss why a pro's offseason will destroy an amateur's hard won fitness gains and how your fitness for next season starts NOW.  I'll also talk about a few ways to keep your mental outlook fresh while maintaining some of the fitness you built this season, such as gravel rides, exploration rides, coffee shop rides, skill work indoors, cross training, and more.

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Coaching: The Myth of More Miles?

Fall easy miles

[dc]F[/dc]all has hit, il Lombardia is in the books, Paris Tours has come and gone, and cyclocross is in full swing.  For those riders who have been training since the dark hours of January, the season has wound down and rides consist of trips to the coffee shop amid the crunch of fallen leaves.  If not for a double espresso run, it's time to put feet up on the coffee table, read the gossip (USADA decision anyone?) and recover while starting to plan for next year.

Regarding planning for next season, one of the biggest fallacies that I've run across lately is explained by the post below:

I've been thinking about racing this coming year, but I live in (northern state that gets a lot of snow).  I'm worried that I can't get enough miles in during the winter to keep me fit and get me ready for next year.  Should I go out during the winter and try to build up my miles in the cold and snow?