Coaching Q&A (Podcast #28)

Training PlansHave you ever heard of the phrase “if you have a question, ask it.  Someone else probably has the same question but is afraid to ask it?”  Over my time in practice and coaching athletes, I've found this to be true time and time again.  Cyclists both young and old, new and seasoned, racer and group rider come to me with many of the same questions, each one looking for an answer as to why they are having trouble with something and how they can advance their fitness.  In most cases, it's simple changes to their program that can produce stellar results.

In today's podcast, I'll go over a couple of questions and concepts that I've been seeing a lot lately.  These are all things that you average cyclist needs to know in order to become a faster, stronger rider.  I'll shed some light on:

  • Do you need a power meter to train effectively?
  • Who benefits from training with power?
  • How many “A” races are too many?
  • What pitfalls are there in planning a season?
  • Why do my legs “get heavy and lose their ability to push?”
  • What can I address to take my fitness to the next level?

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My Christmas Gift to My Readers

<align=”right”>Holiday EvoUpdated 12/23/2014:

I just wanted to take a moment to say Merry Christmas to all of my readers and customers.  May your holidays be filled with the joys of family and the gifts of friendship, happiness and cycling (of course.) Since 2015 is fast approaching, and since I've been hard at work releasing new training plans and HIT workouts to help you build your fitness and make you leaner and stronger here's my gift to you: use the code “3togo”, and you'll get 20% off all my training plans, HIT workouts and HIT Skill Packs.  Let me help you make 2015 your strongest year yet and one to remember.  Valid through the end of 2015!

See you in 2015!

Coaching: Back to Fundamentals

At a time of year when the leaves are flying, centuries are calling and fondos are in full swing, many cyclists struggle with holding their hard earned summer fitness in the waning daylight of the fall.  In the past couple weeks, I've seen (and received) a number of questions about maintaining form and fitness “for just a few more weeks.”  I'm going to let you in on a couple of secrets for your end of season woes.


Coaching Updates: High Intensity Trainer Workouts and Announcements

Start thinking about next season

For those of you who are ending your season soon and haven't thought about the next one, all I can say is:

WHY NOT!?!?!

You should be reviewing the successes and failures of your current season and thinking about your goals and aspirations for next season.  If you're contemplating hiring a coach to help you reach those goals, now is the time in the season to start thinking about it.  I've been hard at work  refining my training plans and building new workouts for my athletes.  Of course, one-on-one coaching is extremely focused and for that reason I limit the number of athletes I'm able to coach one-on-one.  Check out my coaching services if you're thinking of recruiting a little help to ensure you meet your goals.  Hoping to race Battenkill?  Want to PR at Gran Fondo NY?  Have a crit series on the calendar?  I've got the tools to make you leaner, stronger and faster, if you've got the drive and commitment.

 HIT Workouts

As some of you may have seen from my Strava uploads, I've been busy testing a number of different High Intensity Trainer (HIT) workouts recently.  These workouts are specifically designed for indoor trainer use (and with the shortening days and the holidays not far off, that's where you'll find most of us very soon) and are designed to build fitness and fundamental skills in very short times.  I've made the first few of the available on my Training Plans page, and keep your eyes open for more and more of them.  As a bonus (or an incentive, depending upon who you are) I'll be including ALL of my HIT workouts in my one-on-one coaching programs at NO extra charge!  That means you'll have access to these killer workouts as part of your customized training plans, giving you even MORE improvement in your speed, strength, skill and endurance.

Keep your eyes on this space for future coaching announcements and new workouts.

Stress, Training and Real Life

Training StressStop and think for just a minute: how long has your season been?  6 months?  7 months?  8 months?  Here in the northeast, we were blessed (or maybe cursed) with a lack of winter, so we've really been riding and training since December of last year.  That's a LONG season, especially when you consider that many cyclists are just now gearing up for the impending cyclocross season, which will extend through December in most places.  Imagine a periodized training plan with peaks and valleys, builds and tapers, for NEARLY A YEAR!!  That's a LONG season, and it's not easy to pull off.  In fact, I found that to be the case in recent weeks.

Why do I bring up this topic?  Well, today I spent quite a bit of time thinking about it while on a training ride.  I had enough time to think through the last few weeks and gained some insight into my training and life.

Maybe you'll gain some insight into your own training and stress as well….