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This is the second round of training that I have done with Coach Rob using training plan support with his downloadable plans.

I find the plans are easy to follow and having Coach Rob answer any questions or concerns I may have is a great help as well as a great motivation at a awesome price. I not going to kid you: the training will hurt, but you WILL go faster.

What’s more astonishing is I have shed 15 kg’s in under year working with Coach Rob.

Nigel W.
At Battenkill this year, I went hard from the start and almost bonked, but was able to recover, drafted with a group, dropped them and then rode with one other rider. Placed third in retired military category.

I improved from 14.8 mph last year to 17.2 mph this year, even with a mistake early on! The Tailwind Coaching podcast helped me with my climbing, pacing and when to go from aerobic to anaerobic. Highly recommend his off the shelf training plans, which got me the fitness to finish third overall!