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On this page, you'll find a selection of my favorite Zwift workouts.  You can download these and plug them into your workouts folder and start using the same workouts that I build into my training programs.  They are also the same workouts I perform myself in order to get in shape for a competitive season!

If you have any questions about how to integrate these into your training, shoot me an email and I'll help you out!

Minute Man zwift workoutMinute Man

At just under an hour, this workout will ensure you get your money's worth.  You'll be able to rack up around 90 TSS points in the short hour you'll be riding.  This may sound like a lot, and it is.  But it's not a continuous grind: you'll be doing intervals.  Lots and lots of intervals.

Here's an idea of what's in store:

The entire hour is a variety of alternating intensity intervals, one minute at a time.  You'll start out with Z3/Z4+ intervals.  That will last around 10 minutes.  The next block of 8 minutes will be Z2/Z6 intervals, followed by a block of true Z4/Z4+ over unders.  You'll cap off the hour with what might be described as one of the hardest interval sets you'll ever do.  It's a “wave” of Z5, Z6 and Z6+ intervals with opposite intensity rest periods.

This workout will train a couple of different things.  It'll teach your body to recover at threshold intensity.  The workout, by nature of all the VO2 max level work, will help to raise your aerobic ceiling.  You'll also get plenty of work at lower W' levels, meaning you'll double dip on building your aerobic machinery.

Download it here! (Right click, “Save As”)

3221zwiftworkout3+2s and 2+1s

If you've got an hour to burn, my “3221” workout will help you burn off some ATP.  In a couple minutes under an hour, you'll knock out around 93 training stress points through a series of Zone 5 and 6 intervals.

Here's an idea of what you'll find in this workout:

You'll perform 6 intervals in the hour.  These are broken down into 3 “blocks” of intervals that are each 16 minutes in length.  The work intervals are designed to mimic the requirements of the end of a race or the short, punchy climbs that so many people have difficulty with.  The short, high-intensity work is also very similar to the Belgian Bergs that are so prevalent in many early season races and gravel grinders.  In fact, this workout is an evolution of my “Berg Buster” workout!

Throughout the workout, your body will learn fatigue resistance and high intensity and learn to repeat high-intensity efforts over and over again.  You'll spend plenty of time at low W' levels, pushing aerobic adaptations and causing you to build your anaerobic capacity.

Download it here! (Right click, “Save As”)

3s and 30s Zwift Workout3s and 30s

This hour long workout will guide you through a variety of intervals designed to challenge your VO2 max system and your ability to recover at tempo.  In just under an hour you'll accumulate around 84 TSS points after completing some 30/30 intervals and 3×3 intervals.

Here's an idea of what the workout features:

You're going to be doing intervals that will help drain your W' and anaerobic work capacity reserves.  This is accomplished by some wicked 30/30 intervals followed by traditional 3×3 minute intervals.  The 30/30 intervals will drain your body of anaerobic energy substrate and the 3x3s will create substantial VO2 max adaptations.  You'll find a lot of improvement in your FTP by combining this workout with my ME Specialty or Roubaix Rush workout to build functional threshold power level endurance.

Download it here! (Right click, “Save As”)

MEspecialtyzwiftworkoutThe ME Specialty

Muscular endurance is one of the fundamental building blocks of your cycling base.  This hour-long workout will guide you through a variety of intervals as you accumulate 80 training stress points and work on building fatigue resistance.

Here's an idea of what you'll get in this workout:

You're in for 3 separate intervals, each with their own intensity and cadence goals.  The objective of the workout is to create muscular endurance and fatigue resistance.  The more you train your muscle fibers to be fatigue resistant, the fewer extra fibers need to be recruited to maintain a specific intensity.  This means muscular endurance training makes you more efficient and able to handle higher intensity work for longer.

Each block of this workout trains different intensities and cadences to create a wide range of adaptations.  You'll get around 35 minutes of time under tension and aerobic training.  If you want to make things harder, simply import this workout into your account and increase the duration of each interval.

Download it here! (Right click, “Save As”)

Over Under Zwift WorkoutOver/Unders

Functional threshold power is one of the biggest benchmarks of cycling fitness, along with W/Kg.  Building FTP endurance is a great way to increase your fitness and hang with any group ride or race.  This hour long workout focuses specifically on one of the old school ways of building FTP: the over/under concept.  You'll rack up around 80 training stress points while you challenge your functional threshold capacity to the max.

Here's what you're in for:

This workout is built around 4 block of intervals, all of the over/under variety.  After a brief warmup, you'll jump into traditional 110%/90% over under intervals.  Following a short rest, you'll jump into “FTP” over/unders with a smaller difference between the over/under, rest, then back to the “traditional” over/under formula, with a cadence twist.  You'll finish off with 10 minutes of VO2/tempo over/unders to really challenge your ability to push while already fatigued.

Each block will build different ranges of your functional threshold power and help you to raise your fatigue resistance and endurance at threshold.

Download it here! (Right click, “Save As”)

Worst 5 Minutes Known To Mankind Zwift WorkoutWorst 5 Minutes Known To Mankind

If you're struggling with handling changes in pace during the end of a race or ride, this workout will help you out!

This workout is a variation of the traditional “Tabata Type” workout.  In this case, the work intervals are expanding and the rest intervals are contracting.  It creates a different kind of challenge to your body: you'll have to fight to handle longer work intervals and your body will be stressed in recovering during those short recoveries.

Here's the overview:

After a nice long ramped warmup, you'll jump into interval mode.  You'll do 3 blocks of 5 minutes.  Each block will start with 50 seconds of rest and 10 seconds of work, progressing into 10 seconds of recovery and 50 seconds of work.  You'll recover fully before doing it again and again.

If you find the recoveries are “too hard” you can always drop the recovery intensity to 75% of FTP.

Download it here! (Right click, “Save As”)

Aerobic Round Robin

Aerobic Round Robin

During the “off-season” you've got the perfect opportunity to build some increased aerobic endurance and build your efficiency.

This workout is a mashup of some of my favorite intervals from my most successful training programs.  You'll get longer, steady state intervals combined with short, over/under intervals to help facilitate lactate shuttling and repeatability.

Here's the overview:

After a ramped warmup, you'll tackle a couple of steady state intervals.  You can train muscular endurance, sweetspot intensity, higher cadence or any combination of them.  Following a short rest, you'll jump into lactate shuttling over/under intervals.  Variations can include superspinning the high-intensity parts or grinding out a force interval for the high-intensity portion.

Use your imagination and each workout will be different from the one before it!

Download it here! (Right click, “Save As”)

Roubaix Rush

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FTP Pyramids

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Final Lap Sprint Finishers

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