“It never gets easier; you just go faster.”  

~ Greg Lemond

I can give you the tools to be strong.  I can train you to go faster.  I can help you win.  

Whether it's a town line sprint with your friends or a local crit, I've got the tools to make you a winner.  

Just choose your method:

If you're looking for specific direction, weekly guidance, and a customized training solution, an online cycling coach is your ticket to success.  Because every athlete’s physiology is unique, so is every individual training plan I write. When working one-on-one with clients, I tailor plans directly to their strengths and weaknesses.  
If you have the drive to succeed but lack the planning know-how, a downloadable cycling training plan is your key to victory.  When designing each downloadable training plan in my library, my goal is simple: to maximize your cycling potential in the shortest possible amount of time. While not tailored specifically to each person, they will provide huge fitness gains through sound science and training techniques.
Strength training is the key to adding power on the bike and keeping your body resilient and injury free.  Integrating it with your cycling workouts is a much tougher proposition.  My highly specific cycling strength training programs employ scientific strength training principles to the sport of cycling and will make you fast, strong and stable on your bike.
I've helped all kinds of people from casual riders to hardcore racers learn how to suffer and win.  From group rides to Gran Fondos, coffee shop rides to criteriums, no goal is too big or too small.  See what previous clients are saying about Tailwind Coaching.

Tailwind Coaching was born out of a need to find the minimal effective dose of training to get results in limited time.  Frustrated with traditional coaching concepts, I set about applying concepts from my degrees in Exercise Science, Chiropractic medicine and Pharmacology to write my own training plans and coach myself.  A short time later, I realized a lot of other athletes wanted the same thing.  I may not be a ex-ProTour rider, an Olympic Coach or even a prolific race winner, but I am something that most coaches are not: a regular guy just like you who has a job, a family and a desire to be a stronger cyclist.

My training concepts are driven by a complex understanding of physiology, biochemistry, biomechanics and exercise prescription, designed to maximize fitness and minimize time commitments and help you be healthier, happier, STRONGER cyclists.

I strive to provide my athletes, clients and podcast listeners with the best possible blog and podcast content and training plans.  Here's what my listeners and clients have to say:

Nothing beats the feeling of returning to a group ride only to have others point out how strong I've become and that I keep the men on their toes. The hard work is paying off, as is the expert training advice from Coach Rob and Tailwind Coaching.
Coach Rob's Battenkill training plan took me to a 2nd place at Battenkill last year…hoping to take it one more step this year! Coach Rob's podcasts and training plans are easy for me to relate to and just make common sense.
I wanted to shoot you a quick thumbs up on your Unbreakable core module! I injured my back pretty bad the tail end of last summer with bad stupid lifting form and lost the end of my racing season. I've been to both chiropractors and a regular MD with little to no insight as to what's wrong. I'd made little to no progress in healing until recently when I started your core plan and things started to get a lot better. On top of starting the healing process, your plan has also given me insight that my issues may not even be my back but psoas pain/tightness.
I'm hoping for a solid race season this year.
Thanks Rob!
Matt B.

NOT listening to this podcast is a willful commitment to getting dropped!

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This is the second round of training that I have done with Coach Rob using training plan support with his downloadable plans. I find the plans are easy to follow and having Coach Rob answer any questions or concerns I may have is a great help as well as a great motivation at a awesome price. I not going to kid you: the training will hurt, but you WILL go faster. What's more is I have shed 15 kg's in under year working with Coach Rob.
Coach Rob does a nice job of walking through concepts of cycling in a systematic and methodical way. I especially enjoyed the Beginner Group Rides and VO2 Max podcast episodes. His advice seems supported by personal experience training and coaching at a competitive level, yet he explains complex concepts in an accessible way. I'm looking forward to catching up on past podcast episodes and encourage you to give this podcast a try.
Listening to the Tailwind Coaching podcast helped me move my way up the peloton this season. The keys to effective training are thoroughly covered, and each podcast covers one or two specific topics in training, so it's easy to find what interests you specifically.

It's a must listen if you're serious about training to achieve your potential.

T. L.

I would recommend this podcast to any cyclist, not just the racer types.  Lots of good information!

Jeffrey Watts