Low Carb Cycling Lie (Podcast #20)

Carbohydrates: the enemy?How many times have you come across someone who claims that carbohydrates are bad for you?  Many people seem to continue to believe that low or no carb diets (also known as ketotic diets) are still compatible with high level athletic performance.  Oddly enough, those “no-carb” preachers don't seem to win much, do they?  Are they on to something though? 

No.  The low carb myth is just that: a myth.  By exploring the physiology of energy production, you'll understand why.  You'll also understand why there are no highly successful high level ketotic athletes and how a ketotic diet will destroy your own performance.

We'll tackle:

  • Different kinds of metabolism 
  • Fuels for different kinds of metabolism
  • Studies cited by no-carbers as proof of ketotic diet performance (and we'll debunk them as well)
  • Debunking “high level no-carb” athletes

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