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Welcome to the Tailwind Coaching E-Bootcamp!  Are you looking at the calendar and asking yourself “where did the winter go?”  Is that thought immediately followed by “oh no, where did my FITNESS go” along with a sense of panic and foreboding about the coming season of group rides, races and fondos?  If that description fits you, I've got the cure for it…

6 weeks of training to get your butt in shape.

That's right.  I'm offering a 6 week, EXCLUSIVE ACCESS Tailwind Coaching E-Bootcamp that's designed to pack on fitness fast and put you right where you need to be by the beginning of the outdoor riding season.  By signing up, you'll join an email list with other subscribers and get the following:

  • Weekly Training Plans – You'll be emailed a weekly training plan that I have built specifically for this 6 week boot camp, available ONLY for this experience.
  • The ability to ask questions – Each and every person on this email list will be able to ask training questions during the 6 week boot camp.  Just hit “reply” to your weekly email and fire away!
  • HIT Training concepts – 6 short weeks isn't much time to build fitness, but by leveraging the power of high intensity training concepts you can get more bang for your buck.  You'll learn why it works and be able to apply those concepts any time you decide to train.
  • Nutritional recommendations to burn fat faster – Everyone wants to look good, feel good and be fast.  One of the biggest ways to do all those things is to burn more fat.  You'll learn how to do that, how to eat to stimulate fat burning and how to be more resilient to the bonk.
  • Mental Toughness concepts – If you've got the legs and the lungs but you you're being beaten by your own thoughts, you'll learn how to combat that.  Soon you'll be smiling as you grind your way up that long climb.
  • Recovery tips and tricks – High intensity training only works if you prioritize high intensity recovery.  You'll receive tips and suggestions on how to recover from these super high intensity efforts and build more fitness in your downtime than you thought possible.
  • Getting more efficient – Once you've built a solid block of fitness, you'll want to squeeze the most out of it.  As you go outdoors for training rides and group rides, you will learn concepts to make you more efficient and be able to do more with less fitness.
  • How to continue your progress – Most importantly, you'll learn how to carry these concepts into your summer and fall training.  Whether you continue through my training plans or someone else's, the concepts you'll learn will be applicable to every piece of training you do in the future.

Now comes the part you're all going to ask “that all sounds good, but what does this 6 week E-Bootcamp cost?  It must be expensive!”

Would you believe I'm only asking $10 a week?  That's $60 for the full six week course: $60 to learn the tips and secrets behind my training plans and to learn how I take athletes to the next level.

This E-Bootcamp is available anytime you want a 6 week intensive course to kick your ass in gear!

Sorry, The Tailwind Coaching E-Bootcamp is closed!


Q: Are these intervals designed for outside training, too? Do I need to modify anything?

A: Absolutely. My goal is to get you to ride outside. The intervals included are easily done both on a trainer or outside. Sometimes, some creativity is necessary to adapt them to outside rides, but that’s easy (for example: VO2 work can be done on climbs, Muscular Endurance work can be done on flats or gradual climbs, neuromuscular work is done awesomely on descents and sprint work can be done on flats or climbs.) You generally shouldn’t need to modify workouts much. Occasionally (for longer duration intervals) you’ll need to split them into pieces, but your goal is still to accumulate the prescribed amount of work (if the plan calls for 20 minutes of FTP, you want to get 20 minutes of FTP work throughout the whole workout.)


Q: Can I rearrange the workouts during the week?

A: You can certainly move workouts to different days, but you need to ensure you have enough recovery in between each workout (so don’t line up 4 days of workouts back-to-back without recovery.)


Q: What do I do if I have to skip a workout?

A: Don’t worry. The way I’ve laid out the training plans, the most important intervals are listed at the top of each day. If you have to skip a day, I recommend you simply add the first interval of the skipped day into your next workout.


Q: I have to travel one week and will be away from my bike. How should I modify the program?

A: Travel can play havoc with your training between jet lag and being off the bike. You can substitute some cross training in a hotel gym, do stair runs, jog through the park, whatever you’re able to find in order to maintain a little bit of fitness. Missing a week won’t significantly affect the outcome of your E-Bootcamp.


Q: Do I need to buy all the supplements and recovery gadgets you recommend?

A: Absolutely not. While I do recommend them based on their scientific and anecdotal evidence, they are not absolutely necessary to recover. Your body was built to recover as long as you let it. These just help to massage the process a little bit.


Q: Can I still do this program if I don’t have a HR monitor or power meter?

A: YES! In fact, even though I write my training plans based on power modeling (Training Stress Score, for those of you with power meters) I would much rather have an athlete perform workouts, learn what RPE corresponds to what Functional Threshold Power level or Lactate Threshold Heart Rate and learn to ride by feel, not by computer numbers. This will benefit you in the long run, so by all means, don’t shy away if you don’t have power or heart rate.


Q: I just ride with my friends do the occasional Fondo, but I don’t compete. Is this for me?

A: YES! Just because you ride with your friends or ride a Gran Fondo doesn’t mean you can’t be a stronger, faster cyclist. Everyone likes to beat their best time in a Gran Fondo (myself included) and everyone likes to ride their friends off their wheel and be the strongest in the group. If this is your first taste of structured training, your newfound strength on the bike may seduce you into a new way of riding and training.


Q: Will this help me lose weight?

A: YES! I built this plan for maximal metabolic effects in the shortest possible time. You will almost certainly experience weight/fat loss if you follow the plan and eat a healthy, reasonable diet, which I’ll be outlining for you. This comes with the caveat that each and every person is different and I can’t predict how much weight you’ll lose, nor can I predict how fast. I have had clients lose as much as THIRTY POUNDS using my programs.